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About us

My name is László Kecskeméty, the owner of the Sempiternal Fame  kennel. I got my first pug at the age of 14, with whom together we jumped in the exciting world of dog-shows. During this period I made friends with many other breed’s exhibitors and breeders, hence I got to know a bunch of great stories and other breeds as well.

The story of Sempiternal Fame schnauzer kennel started in 2010, when I was visiting kennel Arkovári, where I could spend a couple of days with black miniature schnauzers.

The fact that schnauzer breed is just as nice, as shapeful, and as real character in all three sizes, arouse the desire in me to buy one for myself.

That is how I acquired from the famous Polish Dyas Poland  kennel my first female black giant schnauzer No Way Dyas Poland "Zara" in March, 2011.

Zara became an exceptionally good dog by appearance, nervous system and by character as well. I learnt the schnauzer’s grooming, cosmetics and schnauzer metacommunication on her. Besides acquiring Championship of many countries, ZARA also became Interchampion.

My next steps regarding schnauzers took me to the Czech Republic, where I bought from the top salt and pepper miniature schnauzer kennel of Central Europe. My female puppy Jodye Astronaut, is from Dannish import parents and was born in Miroslava Sucha’s Astronaut  kennel.

I received many many useful advices and encouragement from Mirka, concerning Jodye’s upbringing and cosmetics, which bore fruit. She won the second place in intermediate class at the European dog show in Brno in 2014, then she got the Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian Championship and Interchampion title as well.

Jody’s convincing achievements encouraged me that she should become the cornerstone of my salt and pepper miniature schnauzer breeding and to continue the work with her descendants under the kennel name Sempiternal Fame.

Year 2014 was also a huge step in the history of the kennel, as I could buy from the world-famous Spanish Tajinastes schnauzer kennel, the former year’s world champion Tajinastes Obra Maestra’s son Tajinastes Elite, with whom I could secure the excellent paternal line for my kennel. Later Elite won the Hungarian, Serbian, Romanian and Interchampion title.

My friendship with Luis Martin del Rio, the owner of the Tajinastes kennel, brought huge professional development. My vision about schnauzers’ cosmetics, anatomy, movement and breeding concept evolved strongly. Thus I started breeding with a fresh approach. I consider myself lucky, that the ideas of this profession’s finest influenced me. This way, based on the information and good advices coming from them, I could develop my own preferences regarding the most important questions of breeding, which are the followings:

- Health

- Character

- Appearance

- Functionality

In the next years we were mating in Poland, Russia and more import dogs arrived in my kennel, including Spain.

In 2022 we added a new family member to our schnauzer team. We imported our first Standard schnauzer pepper and salt female from the famous Czech kennel Alarm Beskyd. Lora has beautiful exterior and balanced character.

Our Schnauzers partly has already proved, and hopefully will continue to prove in the future as well, that our dogs not only stand their grounds at dog shows, obedience schools and as family dogs, but by their offspring our dogs can also get into the forefront of international schnauzer breeding.

Last modify:10./04./2023.